Of travelling.

Most people will tell you about the glitz ad glamour of travelling/backpacking. Or the time when they missed the bus and had to walk or hitchhike to their destination. But everyone failed to mention the part when the trip ended and it is time to pack up and take that one way ticket back home.

It’s tough going back home, for me at least. It’s a reality check when daily routine starts to kick in and your life is back to square one. Things around you didn’t change much, lives go on when you were away. But something inside you ignited every since you came home. No one will understand that, as it is difficult to comprehend. You came back a different person, you’ve been exposed to such immense culture and gained experienced that no amount of books could ever teach you.

All you could think of is about the next trip. And when you realised that despite being born and raised here, you might not belong here. You belong out there, exploring every single corner of the world.

Which metallica concerts did you attend??

Oh, one last year in Singapore and the one in Warsaw, Poland this year.